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Grammar Express: Tenses app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 2944 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: Webrich Software Limited
4.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Oct 2009
App size: 24.49 Mb

• Beautifully illustrated revision notes.
• Over 1000 examples with Grammar Rules.
• Over 750 Test Questions with Explanation.

Macworld: Grammar Express promises easy-to-follow examples over a 750 in all.

Grammar Express : Tenses is the complete course in mastering English grammatical tenses.
It contains revision notes explaining each grammar tense with several examples.
You can learn the grammar rules, study the examples and then test their understanding by taking quiz.
At the end of each quiz the user is presented with test summary and explanation.
Grammar Express can help you to improve your understanding of tenses and make use of correct form of verb.
Custom timer setting can assist you to improve response times under exam time constraints.
Research suggests that kids and adults learn most quickly when playing learning games with real-time error-feedback.
Grammar Express provides learners with an opportunity to improve strategies for grammar success.

You can study the grammar rules by topic. All questions are sorted by topic. It also tells you the areas that each topic covers.

1. The Verb Be
2. Present Simple
3. Present Continuous
4. Present Perfect
5. Present Perfect Continuous
6. Past Simple
7. Past Continuous
8. Past Perfect
9. Past Perfect Continuous
10. Future Simple
11. Future Continuous
12. Future Perfect
13. Future Perfect Continuous
14. Irregular Verbs
15. Revision Questions

In mock test questions are presented randomly from all the topics.

A summary of the practice test is presented at the end of each test. It shows you the time you took, the score, which questions you answered correctly and where you were wrong.

The app records your progress as you start giving practice tests.
It shows you a beautiful bar chart so that you can track your weak areas and give more focus on them.

The slick user interface allows you to choose from possible answers.
You dont need to press too many buttons or encounter any alert messages.
The app is very interactive and needs minimum user input. Innovative use of iPhones small screen real estate.

• Beautifully illustrated revision notes and rules with over 1000 examples.
• Over 750 multiple-choice questions with explanation.
• Choose number of questions you would like in each test.
• A new module, "Progress Meter" keeps track of how you are performing in a particular topic or mock test.
• Choose your own timer settings.
• Cool sound effects. (You can turn them off if desired.)
• Special algorithm that randomizes questions every time you take a test.

Pros and cons of Grammar Express: Tenses app for iPhone and iPad

Grammar Express: Tenses app good for

Impress your friends and amaze your teachers! You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily that you will be able to compute such large figures in your head! Tenses App is an interactive and very user frindly, not only learn, but also to boost your skills.
This app is great at teaching Tenses. I like how they are interactive. the quizzes are nice and can be challenging. I recommend it!!!
Excelent in all there is but limited to one statistic, ill give it a 5 star if you could add more than one kid. I have 2 kids at home and it would be excelent if both could be rated seperated accounts :) hope they add that to the appl soon
lessons....examples....and quizzes. All this content makes this app a perfect one. Progress meter is great to track the progress. well done and keep up the good work.
I like this app and how it even teaches you also making you to get mastery on tenses. Nice idea! first learn the rules and then you can test yourself by giving the test.
I m always looking for new apps for my 14yr old he gets board with them sometimes. This app in particular has had his attention for a long time. I would suggest anyone to purchase this one its worth more than $ 4.99. With so many apps thats not worth it rest assure this one is worth it.

Some bad moments

Not worth the money. Lessons, examples, and tests are all too easy and not variety. Wish there is more other grammars beside tenses. In addition, some answers are wrong. Need big improvent on this app, please.
This app is not really worth five dollars. Most of the info given here can be found freely on Internet or in any basic grammar book. Spent money unnecessarily after reading a couple of positive reviews, but really not worth it at all.